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Components of SNRC Clinic Evaluation

At the SNRC clinic, your goal is our goal

We provide an in-depth evaluation, which lasts 1.5 hours and includes:

  1.         Detailed injury history

  2.         Postural assessment

  3.         Functional assessment

  4.         Shoe/orthotic assessment

  5.         Video gait analysis

  6.         Musculoskeletal assessment

We review your video with you frame by frame to clearly identify potentially problematic aspects of your gait.  We develop a clinical hypothesis based on our findings and recommend interventions accordingly.   You will receive your full report with our recommendations and a CD of your video for your records.  We can also offer an additional ½ hour to initiate a home program for those individuals coming from a distance who will not be able to return to SNRC for follow up. 






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The initial evaluation is self-pay. Follow up appointments can be settled by either self-pay or you may be able to obtain a physician’s prescription, if our services are covered by your insurance. 


We are specialists in gait-related disorders and mechanics, transitioning to minimalist footwear, gait retraining, and strength and conditioning.  When you enlist our services, you gain an immediate advantage of our 25 yrs of research into running mechanics. We are one of the scientific leaders in the area of running mechanics and injury, as well as in the development of novel interventions that address faulty gait mechanics. In addition, the ongoing research at the SNRC lab will continue to inform our clinical practice.  Therefore, our interventions are as evidence-based as possible. 

We treat all running-related injuries, such as:

  1.         Runner’s Knee

  2.         Iliotibial Band Syndrome

  3.         Stress Fractures

  4.         Plantar Fasciitis

  5.         Achilles Tendinitis

  6.         Lower Leg Compartment Syndrome

  7.         Posterior Tibialis Tendinitis

  8.         Low Back Pain

  9.         Hip Pain

We also provide these services to those with walking-related injures.

For further questions about our services, please call Laura Kryzanek, of the SNRC clinic at 617-952-6833

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