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We offer a very specialized service and only evaluate and treat issues that are related to gait (including walking and running).

Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation is self-pay.  It typically involves a 90-minute assessment with Dr. Davis and Dr. Saabye.  However, if you are coming from a distance and are not able to follow-up with us, we can provide an additional 30 minutes of instruction in a musculoskeletal home program. We also offer an analysis of your ground reaction forces during either walking or running.  You will need to schedule the additional 30-minute home program instruction and force analysis at the time you make your initial appointment.

Physical Therapy Follow-up Visits

Based on your initial assessment, follow-up visits may be recommended. We can bill your insurance for these follow-up visits, but you must obtain a prescription for physical therapy.  This can come from a variety of medical professionals including M.D.s, chiropractors, podiatrists, or nurse practitioners.  Some insurances also require that you have a referral from your Primary Care Provider.  Therefore it is important to review your insurance policy.

All follow-up therapy visits are 1 hr in length and conducted one-on-one with Dr. Saabye. 

Insurance coverage

The following insurance policies are not accepted at the SNRC clinic:  Network Health Extend, Network Health Commonwealth, Fallon, Celtic Care, and Free Care.

If you have out-of-state insurance, you should call the member services phone number on the back of your insurance card to ask if the SNRC clinic is in-network or out-of-network. You will need to provide Spaulding’s National Provider ID (NPI), or Spaulding’s tax ID. Be sure to mention that Spaulding bills as a facility, not as an office. Also, check your co-pay amount for outpatient physical therapy which will be due each visit. 

For all other insurance coverage questions, including NPI and tax ID, please call the front desk at 617-573-2700.

For more information please contact:

Laura Kryzanek

Spaulding National Running Center


Phone:  617-952-6834






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