Spaulding National Running Center


Description of the SNRC

In order to achieve the goals of patient care, research and graduate education, Spaulding National Running Center (SNRC) has both a clinical and academic affiliation. The center resides within the Spaulding Outpatient Center in Cambridge, MA and is affiliated with the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School.  The Boston area provides an extremely rich environment for this center, given its strong medical and academic communities, along with its longstanding history with the Boston Marathon.  Cambridge, itself, is an ideal location for the center given its proximity to Harvard and MIT, along with the extensive running population within this local community.






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There are three entities that make up the center including the physical therapy clinic, the research laboratory, and the academic component. The SNRC Clinic attracts patients, who may also serve as potential research subjects. In addition, the clinic serves as a training arm for research projects. The research facility is a fully equipped, biomechanics laboratory where running studies are conducted. There are numerous, high caliber graduate programs in biomechanics, bioengineering and health sciences in the Boston area including both Harvard and MIT which provides an academic affiliation for the faculty and scientists. There is a natural synergy between these three units enhancing the overall success of this center.